Instagram exposes WHS’ tragic parking skills


With many newly-licensed drivers on the road, parking has proven to be a challenge for WHS students. On Instagram, @whscantpark22 has captured many of these comical attempts at parking within the lines of WHS and around town. In an exclusive interview with Hi’s Eye, the anonymous creator disclosed everything you need to know about the account. 

The account was inspired by Cranford High School’s account, @chscantpark2022. The WHS account’s first post was on Sept. 29, and it has since gained 566 followers as of Hi’s Eye print deadline, surpassing Cranford’s followers. The bio of the WHS account reads: “You parked really bad lol. #nooneissurprised.” 

Due to the account’s growing popularity, remaining anonymous has proved to be harder than its owner anticipated. The @whscantpark22 creator said, “I have notifications turned on always, and I’m surprised no one has figured out it’s me. The notifications I get have the account name showing next to it even if my phone is locked.”

In order to make a post, they receive direct messages from followers, blur out license plates and come up with creative and sarcastic captions. They rearticulated that the posts have no malicious or insulting intent. They also said that if the person who sends in the post “drops a name,” they first ask if it is okay to give the parker credit “to avoid heated DMs. I had to learn that one the hard way.”

So far, the only negative feedback has come from other school “cantpark” accounts, stemming from an intense rivalry. “It started with the @chscantpark22 account posting about us on their account calling us ‘Dubfield bozos,’ so I reposted that on the story officially starting the competition of the worst parkers.”

According to senior Nate Oberstein, WHS has had a mostly positive reaction to this comedic account. “WHScantpark is really cool and I share the posts with my many friends.”

Senior Michael Klikushin added, “WHScantpark is pretty nucks [cool]. I can’t wait to see what they post next.”