Fresh Cerro’s Cuts for the fresh new year


Photo by Tyler Sontz

Paul Cerro wearing Hi’s Eye merch and Ava Coustan wearing Cerro’s Cuts merch

Looking for a new look for the new year? Lucky for you, a local barber is also a WHS student. Junior Paul Cerro created his own business, Cerro’s Cuts, and serves as a personal barber in a shop he created in his own garage.

Cerro started cutting hair during quarantine after learning by watching videos on YouTube. He enjoyed this new hobby so much that he turned it into a business. Since then, Cerro has expanded his business exponentially. Cerro said, “It’s pretty crazy actually. [I] make cuts, work for Jersey Cuts and make shirts that people wear at school.”

Cerro was even responsible for giving the entire Westfield boys soccer team cuts during their county tournament. “I did 15 kids on varsity and then 10 kids on JV. I hope more teams come to me; that would be sick,” he said. Cerro has done over 140 haircuts and has reached 255 followers on his official account on Instagram @Cerros_Cuts.

Cerro’s customers have always been pleased with the result of his cuts. WHS student Jack O’Connor, one of his recurring customers, said, “I choose Cerro’s Cuts over a typical barber because it’s inexpensive, local and I can tell him what to do without feeling uncomfortable.”

Cerro prides himself on this, as he knows the awkward feeling of asking a barber to change something mid-cut.

Setting up an appointment with Cerro’s Cuts is simple. You reach out to Cerro through phone or social media and set up a time that works best for you. O’Connor loves the convenience and price of Cerro’s Cuts. “I think people should strongly consider Cerro Cuts; it’s half or a third of the normal price, a local business [and it’s] quick and easy,” said O’Connor.

Cutting hair is a true passion of Cerro’s, and he has considered it a career path for his future. He also loves seeing his customers satisfied with his cuts and meeting new people through the business. “I had one kid that was from Delaware and a sophomore in college who I didn’t even know, but it was cool because it showed how big everything’s gotten,” said Cerro.

Cerro has also begun working at local barbershop Jersey Cuts. This has granted him a chance to expand to more potential clients who are not just his friends.

Currently, he does not cut girls’ hair, however he hopes to do so in the near future. “My mom has mentioned it to me. I just don’t know how to do it yet, but I am trying to learn,” said Cerro.

Cerro’s Cuts has taken the school by storm since its beginning. WHS students know of the popular student business, the Instagram and many even wear the Cerro’s Cuts merchandise.

Since everyone needs a haircut and they don’t have a lot of time, the business is a perfect one for busy high school students. Cerro asked, “If you aren’t coming to me, where are you going?”