Life’s a breeze: The typical schedule of a junior at WHS

It has long been said that the most difficult year of high school comes when a student starts their junior year. This myth may stem from the deadlines of projects such as the Junior Research Project or the numerous AP classes that many students of WHS enroll in. While some teachers act as fearmongers by describing to the underclassmen how difficult junior year will be, the reality is that the third year at WHS is by far the easiest. This claim is best supported by evidence, so let’s take a look at a day in the life of a junior at WHS.

7:20 AM: Wake up. It’s grind time. You still have 200mg of caffeine from the energy drink you had at 3:00 last night and you feel great. No time to eat breakfast, but who needs that anyway? 

7:30 AM: You arrive at WHS and are in a hurry to get to your first period class. Not so fast. The scanners at the front door are broken and it turns out you’re going to be late. 

7:32 AM: Good news, you are only two minutes late to class, surely you missed nothing important. Luckily, the only thing you missed were the instructions for the next two projects and the fact that you have an in-class essay. 

9:42 AM: The energy drink you had last night makes you have to go to the bathroom. You try to get into the crowded bathroom, but no, you don’t have your ID. Unlucky.

10:45 AM: You’ve just finished three AP classes to start the day and it’s your lunch period. You’re absolutely craving lunch because who doesn’t love lunch before 11? It’s at this moment you realize you forgot to do that Spanish worksheet, and it turns out you’ll be spending your period at the library instead of the cafeteria. 

1:32-1:33 PM: Because you’ve been working so hard, you earned a break to catch up with your friends. How lucky!

2:45 PM: The day has ended and you feel completely refreshed. You’ve managed to get through your five AP classes and it’s a good thing you’re refreshed because your day has just begun.

2:45-8:30 PM: Homework. Stop complaining.

8:30-8:35 PM: Eat some dinner with your family, you’ve earned it. Ask them how they have been, but there probably won’t be too much time for talking.

8:35-10:00 PM: You have soccer practice, but don’t worry, you will not be playing your best because you only have two hours of sleep. More on that later.

10:00-3:00 AM: Homework, once again no questions asked.

3:00 AM: Remember that infamous energy drink. Right about now you should chug it.

3:00-5:00 AM: More homework. Stop complaining.

5:00-7:20 AM: Sleep. Prepare yourself, because tomorrow you do it all again.