The Facebook Parent’s Handbook

Facebook is a wonderful platform where everyone can open the window and peek into your life. Friends, friends of friends, and even friends of friends of friends are able to view just how beautiful your family truly is. But, great power comes with great responsibility. In order to remain a status quo Facebook parent, follow the tips listed below:


1.Post everything your kids do:

Whether it be an hour-long video of your son’s rendition of Uptown Funk on his clarinet, or updates on your daughter’s cupcake decorating, people constantly want to know what your family is up to. Give the people what they want, parents. On top of this, your kids will absolutely love the paparazzi! 

2.Post unflattering and poorly taken photos of your family:

Facebook posts have to be the real deal. Don’t give your children time to do their hair, smile, or even open their eyes before you take a picture of them. Your followers have to know that your life isn’t perfect, you do not want them to be too jealous!


1.Be extremely opinionated about very mundane things:

To be a true Facebook parent, you must know that your opinion truly matters.. Your followers want to hear about your experiences with the staff at AT&T, and read your list of grievances surrounding the closing of Ann Taylor. Your voice has an impact, always remember that. 

2.Post very controversial political statements just for argument’s sake:

We are always told to keep politics out of family and friend discussions. As a Facebook parent however, it is your responsibility to sway people the right way politically. Adding a sprinkle of politics into your feed can surely get the job done. People may message you, or comment rude things, but that just means that your posts are working. 

Show Your True Colors

1.Take and post your results of personality quizzes each day:

Although questions such as, “Which color are you based off of your birth time?” or “What province of Canada do you truly belong in due to your favorite brand of maple syrup?” may sound silly, they allow people to get to know you on a personal level. Posting your results adds flare to your feed, and lets your personality shine through the screen. These quizzes are 100 percent true, and if you have your doubts, switch to Twitter. 

2.Post hilarious memes:

Minions, monkeys, exercise jokes and cat videos are all great ways to break the ice between you and your new Facebook followers. Showing your funny side will differentiate you from the rest, and allow you to get some laughs out of your fan base. Memes are a great way to connect to the latest generations, so don’t be afraid to sit down with your kids and look at your new posts. 

Perfecting the craft of being a Facebook parent can be a hard task, but it is not impossible. Keep your heads up, parents, and keep on posting.