What’s to love about Mitski’s new album? 


Photo courtesy of Instagram @mitskileaks

New Mitski record ‘Laurel Hell’

Mitski recently released her new album Laurel Hell. This is her sixth album following her recent successful album, Be the Cowboy. In this new album Mitski focuses on her new relationship with stardom, as well as heartbreak and going on different journeys. This is the list of our favorite songs in order from Laurel Hill:

1. “Working For The Knife”

This song embodies the struggles of working in a corporate world and how it can ruin dreams. The regularity of working 9-5 made Mitski question how she could find another way to live her life rather than continuing on her track of unhappiness. Mitski touches on the idea of having to give up on certain dreams in order to follow a more “realistic” lifestyle that leaves a sense of fulfillment. 

2. “The Only Heartbreaker”

In this song Mitski focuses on her perspective of love and the perpetual feeling of being stuck in a relationship. Mitski touches on both perfect relationships as well as the toxicity that can play out. The specific tune that is included on this track gives the song an upbeat melody for such a depressing concept. 

3. “Love Me More”

“Love Me More” conveys the feeling of needing more love or affection to fulfill one’s needs. However, the song touches on having to make oneself more appealing in order to be able to attain the necessary love. Through this idea of superficial love, Mitski brings up the powerful message of how people can use love as a distraction from bigger issues. 

4. “Stay Soft”

“Stay Soft” reflects on toxic masculinity and demonstrates how this idea can affect relationship dynamics in a negative way. The lyric “open up your heart like the gates of hell,” represents a partner being closed off due to this idea of having to hide feelings and sensitivities. The fast-paced song creates an outlet for diminishing toxic masculinity. 

5. “Heat Lightning”

Mitski vocalizes the restless nights that occur when attempting to make a difficult choice. The slow song presents the decision of either surrendering to someone, or giving up. “Heat lightning” is a powerful song where Mitski uses her platform to encourage others to keep fighting. 

6. “Should’ve Been Me”

The upbeat song “Should’ve Been Me” focuses on disengagement from your partner. The song draws attention to the upsetting reality of one’s partner leaving them for someone else who has their same resemblance. 

7. “There’s Nothing Left For You”

“There’s Nothing Left for You” showcases the emptiness presented after a relationship has ended. Mitski capitalizes on the power that her past partners have had on her. Though this song has few lyrics, the ones that exist are powerful in telling her story. 

8. “Everyone”

“Everyone” represents a juxtaposition to Mitski’s 2018 song “Nobody.” In the song “Nobody” Mitski expresses the struggles of fitting in and finding a partner. This is a direct contrast to “Everyone,” where the listener is meant to believe that she is on a new path. This song showcases the growth she has made since 2018 in a mesmerizing slow song. 

9. “I Guess”

“I Guess” is a reflection of Mitski’s past relationships and how she has learned from each one of them. This is a slower song where Mitski’s tone is melancholy, contrasting the other songs which adds a layer of sorrow to the album. 

10. “That’s Our Lamp”

The upbeat song covers the heartbreaking end to relationships. Furthermore, Mitski also focuses on having to move out of a place that has been shared with a partner but the familiarity makes it so hard to leave. She makes the point that this creates chaos in your mind which is perfectly displayed in her song through the background noise that exists throughout the track. 

11. “Valentine, Texas”

As the first song on Laurel Hell, “Valentine, Texas” helps listeners discover that this particular album is going to be different from her past content. The second verse of this song’s lyrics shift to where she describes that she is not currently satisfied in this particular time of her life. She continues by emphasizing wanting to be free from the stressors that she is carrying and her bad memories of who she once was.