Hi’s Eye Alum shines in the journalism world


With March Madness approaching, sports fans might be surprised to find themselves reading Hi’s Eye alum, Jared Greenspan’s, articles as they try and fill out the perfect bracket. 

After writing for Hi’s Eye and graduating from WHS in 2019, Greenspan enrolled at the University of Michigan where he began studying Communications and Media. As someone who gravitated towards sports pieces as a Hi’s Eye journalist and learned how to call basketball games for his senior project, Greenspan knew early on that he wanted to get involved with the university’s paper, the Michigan Daily, and the radio station, WCBN. 

In his freshman year of college, Greenspan joined the paper where he wrote for the sports page covering “non-revenue” athletics like soccer, volleyball and field hockey. After the seasons concluded he began writing about the softball team until COVID-19 ended their seasons. Last fall, Greenspan earned a position writing about the basketball program, and during this past football season, he covered the football team’s playoff run. 

With multiple matchups weekly, Greenspan’s schedule covering games varies. For a traditional football game Greenspan said, “I cover it with two friends. We get to the stadium around two hours early and go to the press box to watch warmups. After kickoff, one person writes a game story which is published as soon as the game ends  and the [others] write stories after the game. When the game ends, we go to press conferences with [Football Coach] Jim Harabaugh and four players. Then we write our stories. If we make good timing, we are usually out two and half hours after the game.” 

Now, with March Madness around the corner, he is back writing about the basketball team again. When Greenspan is not sitting at his laptop writing an article, chances are he is commentating a basketball game or studying his favorite announcers’ play-calling styles. Unlike most skills taught in school, Greenspan said that his announcing was, “100 percent self-taught.” 

Similar to the route he took to cover Michigan’s “bigger sports,” Greenspan also announced smaller games as an underclassmen, though he  was fortunate to receive a few basketball games freshman year. In those games, Greenspan was passionate and professional, earning him a job on the crew. Now, Greenspan attends nearly every basketball game and is either writing or announcing for the entire forty minutes.

Outside of school, Greenspan has made an effort to gain as much journalism experience as possible. This past summer, Greenspan worked for the New York Post writing stories, covering the Giants’ practices and attending the NBA draft in-person. 

Looking ahead, Greenspan has no plans set in stone for after college but does hope to pursue broadcasting in some fashion. 

Although the Michigan basketball team currently lies on the edge of the bubble in terms of qualifying for March Madness, if they do make the tournament it will definitely be worth reading one of Greenspan’s articles or even listening to him announce a game live.