Senioritis: The disease afflicting the senior class

A disease has begun to plague a certain demographic of WHS students. I’m not talking about influenza. Not polio or smallpox. Not Ebola or the swine flu. I am talking about the debilitating disease known as senioritis.

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, senioritis is defined as “an ebbing of motivation and effort by school seniors as evidenced by tardiness, absences and lower grades.”

While senioritis has just begun to affect my mental and physical state, many WHS seniors have been suffering from it since September. The recent uptick in cases can be linked to the fact that most colleges don’t put much emphasis on second-semester senior grades. This, coupled with the burnout from the last three and a half years of homework, tests, essays, projects, stress, anxiety and all-nighters, has caused an extreme lack of motivation amongst seniors.  Not to mention, a period of remote learning that consisted of grueling half days and sleeping with the google meet camera off. Be careful everyone, the warm weather and thoughts of end-of-the-year festivities, like prom, can aggravate and worsen a case of senioritis.

Now that you understand the causes of senioritis, it is important to know some of the common symptoms. If you or a loved one are exhibiting any of the following signs or symptoms please contact a doctor, guidance counselor or trained professionally as soon as possible.

1. Staring out of the window at hot air balloons (or the guy protesting about masks) and daydreaming of fighting a dragon during class.
2. No urgent need to arrive at class on time, resulting in excessive tardiness with the excuse of fighting a bear on the way back from open lunch (a.k.a finding a parking spot).

3. Extreme procrastination to the extent of clipping toenails and learning how to juggle instead of doing assignments.

4. Grades are plummeting from A’s to D’s or just plain incompletes.

5. Constantly saying “I am so sick of school” or “I just want to be done” or “why must we be forced into this endless torture?”

6. Losing interest in all subjects and questioning the meaning of all of your education ever.

7. Implementing nap time as a class period, although teachers are clearly unaware of this change in your schedule.

8. Not studying for a big test and coming to the conclusion that blindly guessing C for every answer is good enough.

9. Attending senioritis anonymous (SA) meetings.

Unfortunately, there is no present remedy or any protocols to prevent the disease from spreading, but there is one ultimate cure: Graduation.

So to all of my fellow seniors, you got this! Power through (or hobble or sleepwalk or cry) to the finish line in June. And to everyone else, especially parents and teachers, go easy on us. After all, we are fighting a vicious disease.