Senior Assassin: Suns out, (water) guns out


Photo courtesy of Instagram @whsseniorassassin2022

The rules of the game on the Instagram page

As the school year draws to an end, the senior class is beginning to gear up for a game of Assassin. This game, which is not affiliated with WHS, was revived this year by seniors Ella Conover and Ella Johnson. This voluntary event will start May
6, and go until all teams are eliminated.

“I am really excited because I think it is a great way to get the senior class together in a fun and competitive way in the last few months of us all being together,” said senior Aden Brooks. 

Seniors are asked to create teams of four and select one member as team captain. In order to play, the team captain must venmo $20 on behalf of their team to @Ella-Conover. Once teams are created, captains will complete a google form found on the Instagram @whsseniorassassin2022, and then are assigned a target team to assassinate. All team assignments will be given through Instagram. 

 Johnson said, “We wanted to be able to raise money for a good cause. We’re raising the money for mental health awareness month, which is something I raised money for last year, so it is very important to us.” The creators of the game have decided to split up the entry fees: 50 percent will go to charity, 15 percent will go to first place, 10 percent to second place and 5 percent to third place.

The goal of the game is to “kill” (shoot with water) every player on your assigned target team. All “kills” must be verified by Conover and Johnson by sending a dm through Instagram with a picture of the target. Once all members of your target team are eliminated, a new team will be assigned as targets. The new team will be the original team that your first target team was attempting to “assassinate.”  

The game will be finished when one team is left standing, however, there are some rules that teams must follow. Some of the main rules required are that all players must be outside for at least three hours over the span of the three days. The tactic of hiding in your house will not help you here. Only direct “kills” at your target with brightly colored water guns are valid; water balloons or simply throwing water at your target will not be allowed. 

Each “kill” must be recorded by either a teammate or another WHS student in any grade, and they must send the video along with a picture with your “assassinated” target to the game’s Instagram in order for the “kill” to count. If a player is unsure their kill will be seen, they can ask Conover or Johnson to bear witness.  

“I think the rules look pretty fair. Nothing seems too hard to follow, but of course with any competitive game like this, [I suspect] there are going to be arguments, especially towards the end of the game when there are less teams and people are closer to the prize,” said senior Ben Hacker.

Some other rules that are important to keep in mind are players cannot be eliminated while using the bathroom and cannot be “shot” in the driver’s seat of a moving car. To look at the rules more in depth visit @whsseniorassassin2022 on Instagram. 

Not all seniors are required to play but the creators strongly urge everybody to participate. “We just want everybody to have fun, enjoy their senior year and have a friendly competition with people that they may not see again, because we’re all leaving. It’s kind of the last hurrah for everybody,” Conover said.