Holy guacamole!

Photo by Flickr

Tate Fallon

The world might as well have ended. Reports state that the nation is facing an avocado shortage and sky-high prices for the fruit. To help break the tragic news, I wrote a poem with everything you need to know:

The fruit that bears happiness for


But its price tag will now bring tears.

“This should be illegal!”

The news gouges at ears.

Avocado farmers wipe their cheeks dry

After the tough growing season they faced;

While restaurants and businesses


Have to make up for what they lost with haste

To raise prices, serve fake guacamole, cut portions

or outright refuse to sell fresh avocado.

While businesses now struggle, some find this tragedy comical… a joke.

According to Fox News,

A man went rogue,

Stole 730 avocados, $620 in value.

It might be time to wave goodbye,

With a touch of sorrow,

To the extra dollar which supplied

The little green pillow

Of deliciousness.

Goodbye to waking up with coffee

And avocado toast.

No more superfood for breakfast, lunch

Or brunch.