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“Being a part of Hi’s Eye has been a dream of mine since middle school. I feel so honored to have worked with such a talented group of writers, editors and advisors. These people have become my family, and Room 111 my safe haven. I will miss the days when I had to scramble for quotes, write a poem about an avocado shortage and stay after school until dark working on my page. Hi’s Eye has taught me so many lessons about comradery, hard work and how to be a good and ethical person. The moments I’ve been lucky enough to share with the 2019 to 2020 staff will be what I remember and cherish most from my time at WHS. I would trade anything in the world to do it all over again.” -Tate Fallon

Tate Fallon, R3 Features Editor

Tate Fallon is the Features Editor for R3 and has adored journalism since a young age. Outside of room 111, she loves to hang out with friends, listen to her Spotify playlists and read poetry. Tate also is a huge advocate for mental health and serves as a teen representative on the town’s committee, with the mission of ending the stigma and starting a conversation with those struggling. She’s ecstatic for this year to explore her creative outlet and make memories with the ‘19-’20 staff.

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KATHLEEN SCRANTON -BAGS. For 12 years now, Scranton has been searching, acquiring and constructing purses out of some material and vintage book covers, from around the globe. The best part, is when you buy the purse, that book comes with it. “First thing I do is take [the book] apart with a scalpel, so it’s whole and then I rebind it. Then I put the serial number into a database so that [both the purse and book] have the same serial number. Then I put the books in bins so that my husband can find them when I sell [the purses].” For the new covers, Scranton uses plain white, as she informed me that you cannot make any copy of a book due to copyright infringement. “I went to look for leather straps for my purses, but leather that you buy off of the internet is ‘PU,’ that’s called polyurethane leather, it’s fake, which I can rip with my own hands. So, I have horses and I went somewhere and asked if I could buy reins wholesale, because I can get two purses out of one set of reins. So these cost a little more money because they have the leather strap.” Scranton also pays attention to the smallest detail of each purse, making sure each of them has the perfect button-- naming herself a button-holic-- saying she will buy a whole jar of them if she sees only three she truly likes.

Sugarloaf Craft Festival

Tate Fallon , R3 Features Editor
March 13, 2020
Circles album cover

‘Until the day we have to meet again’

Tate Fallon, R3 Features Editor
January 27, 2020
Athletes on signing day in November

That’s a wrap for (athletes) 2019!

Tate Fallon, R3 Features Editor
December 21, 2019
Team celebrates win

LBD secures Union County Championship

Tate Fallon, R3 Features Editor
October 30, 2019
Pictured left to right: Bella Albano, Lindsay Sherman and Rachel Simpson

Stage Q & A: Lindsay Sherman

Tate Fallon, R3 Features Editor
October 25, 2019
Holy guacamole!

Holy guacamole!

Tate Fallon, R3 Features Editor
October 21, 2019
IGOR album cover

#1 album IGOR hits home for fans

Tate Fallon , R3 Features Editor
June 10, 2019
Spotify playlist

Staff summer picks 2019

Tate Fallon , R3 Features Editor
June 7, 2019
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