Stage Q & A: Lindsay Sherman


Photo courtesy of Lindsay Sherman

Pictured left to right: Bella Albano, Lindsay Sherman and Rachel Simpson

Tate Fallon, R3 Features Editor

With the theatre department preparing for their fall production, Radium Girls, showcasing on Nov. 21, 22 and 23, Hi’s Eye interviewed Lindsay Sherman, senior head of the hair/makeup crew. Sherman delves into the crew’s role in the production, as well as her experiences in the department.

Q: What’s your responsibility as the head of hair/makeup crew?

A: I analyze the time period of the show [in order] to come up with accurate hair and makeup looks. Then, I teach my crew how to do basic and advanced hair and makeup styles, which they will then do on the actors. It takes a lot of time (and a lot of spreadsheets) to finalize every look in the show. Throughout the show, some characters might need hair or makeup changes as well, which sometimes gets difficult, but [everything] always turns out amazing.

Q: What’s your favorite part about being in the makeup crew?

A: I love meeting new people and getting to bond with my crew. Every meeting we do ‘highs and lows’ where everybody says the best and worst part about their day. We love cheering each other up and just having fun.

Q: What are some challenges you face being the head of  hair/makeup crew?

A: The biggest challenge I have is balancing authority and friendship. Obviously, I have to control my crew and make sure they’re getting work done, but they’re also some of my closest friends.

Q: What’s it like doing hair and makeup before shows?

A: During tech week, it can be pretty stressful since it’s the first time we do the makeup on the actors [rather than practicing on other hair/makeup crew members]. Besides the stress, it’s an amazing bonding experience and my crew really learns to be quick on their feet and adapt to change.

Q: How can you join the hair/makeup crew?

A: There’s an interest meeting before each show; you just need to fill out a link and some papers, and that’s about it.