Nerd corner podcast: Reacting to WandaVision


Photo courtesy of Disney+

WandaVision series poster

After almost 18 months without giving fans anything to obsess over, Marvel once again took the world by storm with its first Disney+ show, WanadaVision. Like many past Marvel products, the show quickly dominated the internet and made Marvel fans everywhere eagerly anticipate every Friday to get the next chapter of the story. 

In this podcast, Hi’s Eye’s Marvel superfans Giulia Giannetta and Nate Lechner sit down to share their thoughts on Marvel’s first streaming series. They discuss the immense popularity of the show along with the experience of watching it while trying to avoid spoilers on social media. The pair also discuss the gravity of the Marvel “theory culture,” and how this dominated WandaVision fans for better or for worse. 

Giulia and Nate also talk about the effect that WandaVision could have on the future of the MCU with discussion points including the overall story, and the character arcs that take place.  They also discuss the significance and possible reasons for Marvel’s first massive streaming service success and how weekly releases offered a unique and successful structure.