Hi's Eye

Double Take 

November 9, 2011

by Malcolm SpurlockFrom the Parent Trap to the Full House era, there has always been a sense of captivation and intrigue about identical twins for film and television audiences. Sophomores Jane and Grace Aronds will have their oppo...

Students spooked

November 4, 2011

by Rachel ChodorDo you remember Casper, Danny Phantom or the Ghost Busters? If you do, then you might believe that ghosts only exist in  movies and television. Well, a few WHS students have felt a real ghostly chill, and ...

Teacher Features

October 11, 2011

​by emily Fahey​Ms. Katharine Anderson- WHS ’06 EnglishQ: What was your high school career like? What is your best high  school memory?A: I was very studious during high school; English and Latin were m...