WHS seniors starting anew in 2022


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This year, the class of 2022 is attending more than 143 different universities, even as far away as California and Canada. For the third year in a row, Rutgers University came in first place as the most popular university for our graduating class, followed by Indiana University. Next came Penn State University and then finally University of Delaware. As the school year comes to a close, we are sad to see our classmates depart but are excited to see what each one accomplishes in the future. Read below to learn a little more about these top four universities.

Rutgers University

With 23 WHS students attending next fall, Rutgers University has taken the first place spot this year, yet again, as the most attended university for the WHS’ senior class. Located in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Rutgers is only 19 miles from WHS, keeping future Scarlet Knights close to home. According to U.S News, Rutgers University is ranked 63rd in the nation and holds high regard for their honors program, which has influenced many students to choose Rutgers as their home. Amira Lee said, “I chose Rutgers because, academically, the honors program offers a lot of interesting classes and a lot of opportunities which definitely sold me. Socially, it is a very large diverse college, so there are many different people you can meet and many clubs or activities you can join.”

Indiana University

Hoosier number two school this year? Indiana University! Coming in as the second most attended this fall, Indiana University, located in Bloomington, Indiana, has taken the spot. According to U.S News, Indiana University is ranked 68th in the nation and has an undergraduate class of about 32,000 students. Next fall, 20 WHS students plan to attend. Indiana is the farthest school in the top four, about 660 miles from WHS. Indiana is one of the bigger options in our top four which became a main reason why a lot of students chose this school. Senior Theo Shapiro said, “I knew I wanted a big school, so I felt like Indiana was the perfect choice for me. I am going in as an undecided major so I know all the resources that a big school has to offer will help me decide in the future.”

Penn State University

WE ARE making it in the top four! The Big 10 strikes again with Penn State, in State College, P.A., coming in as the third most attended university. Penn State is also listed as the 63rd- ranked school in the country. It has an undergraduate class of about 40,000 students making it the biggest choice of our top four. In the fall, 15 students will attend. Not only is it known for its amazing creamery, but they also have amazing academic schools that help undecided students figure out what they want to pursue. For senior Ellie Sherman, this is what that helped her decide. “I chose Penn State because when I stepped onto the campus everyone was so nice and friendly. What stood out to me was my undecided major and I thought their arts and sciences program was perfect because I know I will find what I want to do eventually.”

University of Delaware

Finally, coming in at number four on the list is the University of Delaware located in Newark, Delaware. With a total of 14 WHS students attending the university in the fall, Delaware made the top four list once again this year. The University of Delaware is ranked 93rd in the nation according to U.S News, and has an undergraduate class size of about 18,000. With its ideal location near Washington D.C. and New York City, along with amazing academic programs, Delaware was an easy choice for many students like Tommy Hughes. “I chose [the University of Delaware] because the campus is super nice. It is not too close to home but far enough for a change, and it’s a large size school and I also loved how popular Greek life is,” Hughes said.