WHS introduces the Spring Semi-Formal

The traditional dances at WHS include Homecoming for all grades and the senior prom. Due to the pandemic, those dances were altered, as only seniors were allowed at Homecoming. In order to make up for events that the rest of the students have lost, a new dance has been introduced: the WHS Spring Semi-Formal for grades 9-11.

The dance will take place Friday, April 22 in the gym. It starts at 7 p.m. and ends at 10 p.m., but students must arrive by 7:30 p.m at the latest to be allowed inside. Any kids who are coming late must have an athletic excuse and let either of the SGA Advisors, Jamie Glickman or Callie Campbell, know beforehand and the excuse must be handed in on the Friday of the dance by homeroom.

Tickets will be sold for $10 from April 19 through April 22 in Caf B. Tickets will also be sold at the door for $15 the night of the dance and all students must present their student IDs.

With restrictions being lifted, this dance is looking like it will live up to previous dances of the past. There will be food, and students are able to bring a date from another town, but will have to submit a permission slip and hand it in that Fri- day by homeroom. Students from other towns must purchase tickets ahead of time, as only WHS students can purchase tickets at the door.

Since most WHS students haven’t been able to attend a dance (due to modifications to Homecoming), underclassmen have had little exposure to WHS’ school dance traditions.

SGA Officer Jared Goldman said, “The juniors haven’t had any school dances because of COVID-19 and we want to get the freshmen and sophomores used to what a normal school year is like.”

Students are thrilled that they can finally engage in a school event. Junior Sofia Lanza said, “We never have had a dance for underclassmen, so I’m excited for this to be a new WHS tradition that all underclassmen can participate in.”

Though the SGA has made it clear that all freshmen, sophomores and juniors are welcome and encouraged to attend the dance, some students are still hesitant to attend.

“I don’t really know if I’m gonna go since I’m a freshman; I feel like it’s not really meant for us,” said freshman Griffin Scholder.

However, this dance is truly meant for everyone. “This is the first big social event that [the underclassmen] have had in a few years and we want to see a large student turnout and everyone is welcome, whether you’re a freshman, sophomore or junior,” said Glickman.

There is no doubt that the new dance is an exciting way to return back to normalcy, which these underclassmen have yet to experience.