Hi's Eye

Good Old Days

Fiona Gillen, R1 Editor-in-Chief

December 1, 2017

Everyone has had bad days before, but more importantly everyone also has good days. In her podcast, junior Fiona Gillen talks about the importance of positivity and interviews students of different grades about the best parts of...


Brianna Hatch, R1 Op-Ed Editor/ Business Manager

November 30, 2017

What’s the main reason students take AP classes? Is it because they want college credit? Do they just want to have a rigorous schedule to impress colleges? Or do they have a love for the subject and want to further their edu...

Weird, wacky and haunted

Anna Masciandaro and Olivia Morrison

October 26, 2017

New Jersey is filled with local legends and creepy places. From the road called "Shadows of Death" to the local John List house, the possibilities are endless. Hi's Eye decided to send reporters to visit a couple of places in ...

Commentary on Harvey Weinstein

Anna Masciandaro and Noelle Mesbah

October 20, 2017

Reporters  Anna Masciandaro and Noelle Mesbah discuss the Harvey Weinstein allegations and its impact on the way we view Hollywood. ...

Discussing Maria’s impact on Puerto Rico

Jessica Shih, Iris Commentary Editor

October 19, 2017

Reporter Jessica Shih interviews senior Angelica Suris on her family's efforts in the recovery process of Hurricane Maria.       ...